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Inspirational. Inspirational. Inspirational  - that was the resounding feedback we received  from our attendees at the recent  Trafford Suicide Prevention Webinar. AJ spoke with passion and honesty, they created a warm and caring environment  where participants were able to ask questions and share thoughts.

Their use of Zoom was way beyond anything I could do! I would wholeheartedly recommend AJ for any presentations on well-being, resilience and suicide presentation. They were a joy to work with and I am sure their key messages will  be remembered by all our participants.

Thanks so much AJ.  

(Dr Donna Sager. Trafford Council)

"AJ Jackson is my Inspiration and Role Model, they put their heart and soul into everything and you can expect nothing less than 100% effort from them. I truly wouldn't be where I am now without AJ! There are always smiling faces when they are around! I recommend AJ for absolutely anything. I would trust them with my life"

(Steph Taylor)

"AJ is an inspirational person who role models success.They are an inspiration to many disabled people and athletes. AJ has helped create motivation and self believe for many people through sport and the military. AJ is a role model of what can be achieved by embracing disability and being the best you can be. They model what can be achieved with focus and determination and demonstrates that although disability can be challenging it shouldn't be restrictive. AJ is a lovely, caring person and positive role model for all.

AJ awakens possibility in people to achieve extraordinary results. Their enthusiasm, commitment and dedication are the perfect leadership behaviours to role model success. AJ demonstrates with the right mindset AND full heart what can be achieved in life. "

"I have known AJ for a good few years, they are a very caring and accomplished coach. Great attention to detail in their coaching, making sure that the athletes that they are coaching are ok in body and in mind. AJ’s experience on and off the court, means they have the skills to bring mental health to the attention of everyone and to continue to succeed with their coaching going forward. "

"I have Known AJ for many years now and they have always been such an inspirational character. As a School Sport Partnership AJ never has a issue when we ask them to support us at a Primary School event. One of our local high schools also got support from AJ when one of their students was applying for his own personal sports chair. Through AJ’s help and guidance the student was successful in his funding bid and went from strength to strength in his sport ambitions."

(Ellesmere Port School Sports Partnership Officer)

I just want to say that you are amazing, I loved everything you said, you are such an inspiration to life, and actually brought a tear to my eye!  (School Parent) 

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