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UK Coaching Ambassador

I am proud to announce I have been appointed as a #CoachingAmbassador for UK Coaching.

When I won the UK Coaching Disability Coach of the Year Award in 2017 I was invited to become an Ambassador and I am really excited about the opportunity to spread the word about Coaching and what good coaching looks like.

I believe that great coaching is understanding the person in front of you and to get the best from them you have to have a holistic approach to your coaching. It is crucial that you understand what motivates them, what distractions they have in their lives that may effect their performance and most of all you must have a sense of humour and be creative. You can never stop learning as a Coach and every player and coach I work with teaches me something new and I am very grateful to them all.

Check back soon for more updates on my role as a #CoachingAmbassador

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