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Magical Friday moment

Sometimes little things happen that remind me that I am in the amazing position to make a difference to people's lives. I am honoured and lucky to be able to do this and it is one of the things that keeps me working hard and looking for new opportunities.

I met a lady a few week ago who is the Local Offer Communication Officer at Wirral Council and she introduced me to a SENCO in a school on the Wirral who have a young 8yr old pupil with a disability who was struggling to take part in activities with her friends. This young pupil walks but her disability is making it difficult for her.

I visited the school and took a basketball chair for her to try - to see her jump straight in the chair and whiz off around the playground was amazing. She was able to go round the playground and round the field on the path without a fear of falling over or getting left behind.

Her face and laughter was truly magical - I am hoping to get some photos taken with her so as soon as I can I will share them on here. But for now - just imagine the biggest smile you can on a little 8 yr old's face who has just discovered a new sense of freedom !!

For now she is borrowing the chair and I am going to help her school work with her Mum to raise the money for her own chair. Next step for her is to come to Wheelchair Basketball and I can't wait to see her on court with our Cheshire Phoenix Juniors.

If any of you can help with funding a new sports chair for her please let me know and let's get together to keep that massive smile on her face.

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Laura Grenier
Laura Grenier
06 Σεπ 2021

Lovely blogg you have

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