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'Inspire Women' Awards Dec 2020

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

This week has been amazing - from being awarded the BBC Christmas Star on TV on Monday night to getting a new part time role on Tues and then on Friday I attended a Virtual Awards night and won another award.

Graham Wilson from SuccessFactory nominated me earlier in the year in the 'HER Abilities' Category of the Inspire Women North West Awards. The awards ceremony was cancelled but undeterred the management ran a 'virtual' awards night on Friday 18th December.

When I received the news that I was a finalist I was completely blown away. The last few years for me have been a real rollercoaster of good and bad things and to find I was a finalist in the 'HER Abilities' category just showed how much people value what I do and reminded me that although I can have really tough days and times, the work I do helps to motivate and inspire others of all ages and abilities.

I often say that Wheelchair Basketball has made my life and saved my life. I have had some really tough times with my mental health and it is my sport and the friends and contacts I have made through the sport that have got me through those times.

Who would have thought I would end up playing for 10 years for Team GB and competing at Paralympic Games, World Championships, European Championships and many other tournaments. I am now in a great position to be able to inspire the next generation of players and coaches.

I hope that by being open about having a disability, mental health problems and a recent diagnosis of Autism lets people see that you can achieve things in life even when sometimes you get dealt some difficult cards. I am very much the kind of person who tries to find ways to do things even if it may be a challenge.

I love the job I do and it is an honour to stand up and tell my story to people of all ages as a Motivational speaker. If I can inspire one person each time I speak at an event or in a School then I am happy. I like to use what I have learned about myself to help others and I am now training to become a Counsellor and am excited about this next chapter in my life.

Watch the video from the night here :

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